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Hot Dip Galvanizing Zinc Kettle Long Service Life

1 set
Hot Dip Galvanizing Zinc Kettle Long Service Life
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Dimension(L*W*H):: According To Actual Size
Pipe Material:: Low Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, GI Coil, HRC, CRC
Model Number:: Customized
Application:: Drain Pipe, Structure Pipes, Construction Piling Pipes
Substrate: Steel,Iron,Other
Condition: New
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hot dip galvanizing kettle


hot dip galvanizing pot


molten zinc bath

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Xinlingyu
Model Number: None
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Product Description

Customized Hot Dip Galvanizing Line For Huge Workpiece



Our Service

• Work out reasonable investment scheme, selecting rational model unit.
• Provide free equipment layout, factory planning for you.
• Provide free equipment foundation and drawing. If necessary, offer technical guidance on-site for equipment
• Foundation construction.
• Provide equipment installation and commissioning, ensure the normal operation of production line.
• Provide professional technical training to help your staff familiar with the equipment ASAP.


Galvanizing Process

Entrance section:

1#(2#) Unwinding → 1#2#Cut Clip Feeding Stick → Convergence Clip Rolling → Welding Machine →

1# tension roller → chemical degreasing → alkali scrubbing → electrolytic degreasing → water scrubbing →1#Water rinse→2# water rinse→3#water rinse→hot air drying→

Process section:

2#tension roller→1#correction→inlet looper→2#correction→3# tension roller→measuring roller→annealing furnace→4# Heat tension roller→zinc pot→quick cooling section→air cooling→tower steering roller→horizontal air cooling→steering roller→water cooling→hot air drying→3#correction→lighting machine→stretching straightening machine→passivation→resistant Fingerprint coating machine→drying furnace→4#correction→export looper→

Exit section:

5# tension roller→oiling→outlet shearing pinch roller→steering pinch roller→EPC correcting coiler→inspection→packaging→warehouse fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fan

blast capacity: 13000m3/h

wind pressure:2600pa

rate of work:15kw


b.the tank to purify acid mist

Equipment appearance: Φ1.8m ×5.1m

Material : pp

Processing volume: 18000 m3 / h empty tower wind speed: 1.5 m/s

Spray layer: 2 levels contact time: total resistance: 10 s

Purification tower : 900 Pa

Raschig ring, pall ring filler height: 500 mm (3 levels)

gas liquid ratio: 500:1


c.circulating pump

Flow:25 m3 / h

Lift:24m power:15KW(3sets)




1.3 Effect prediction

Initial concentration of acid mist is about 43 mg/m3, after cover closed trap into the water spray absorber, hydrochloric acid mist purification efficiency is about 95%, after spray absorption of exhaust gas into the atmosphere.



2. Zinc dust processing system

Governance 2.1process



Q: Are you manufacturer?
A: Yes,we are manufacturer.We have 2 factories and our own technical team.Welcome to visit us.


Q: What kind o f payment term you can do?

A: We can accept T/T and L/C.

Q: What info you need before you make the proposal?
A: The pipe diameter , thickness range , usage, raw material steel grade, coil weight and automatic degree.

Q: What should I do if I just start a new business?
A: Contact us immediately ,we provide free consultant for pre-sales service. Also we can help you to solve the raw material (steel coil) purchase,worker training,international market price.

Q: How do you do QA?
A: We have special team to do strict QA, this is one of our strengths:
(1) Every gear box will be tested for 8 hours with oil inside to guarantee there is no leak.

(2) Every shaft will be inspected for the centering jumpiness.
(3) Every roller will be checked to make sure its in the range of tolerance critical parts will be inspected for all dimensions.

Q: Why I should choose you,what are the differences between you and other Chinese suppliers?
A: We are concentrate on this industry for more than 20 years,and especially in pipe making machines. Our pipe making machine line directly export to Russia,Vietnam,India,Indonesia,and many other countries in Asia, Africa, middle east and South America.



2.2.Process description:

use fan extracting dust from sealed room to bag filter and then through the barrier of tower and the hollow ball to increase the treatment surface area, adopt atomized spraying wahout and filter the harmful particle ,reaching purify effect

2.3 Equipment introduction:
2.3.1 smoke sealed room in production line : 1 set(8000*3700*3000mm)

Both sides of sealed set entrance and exit in advance, Stick the corrosion resistant plate on steel structure, install Windows on both sides, can observe the conditions of sealed room.Cooling water sealed the same, in order to prevent moisture evaporation caused erosion of equipment.

2.3.2 off-line pulse-jet bag dust collector


Deposing air volume:7200m3/h filter area:120㎡

Filter rate:1m/min Facility resistance:1200-1500Pa

Facility sustained negative pressure:5000Pa

2.3.3 Induced draft fan

Choose induced high temperature resistance centrifugal fan, 1 set, rate of work is 11 KW, handling capacity: 7200m3/h.

2.3.4 Air hose: according structure of the factory building to determine (refer to process layout )

2.3.5.After processing ,the dust concentration (powder) ≤120mg/m3



Ⅶ. Electrical design

1.project adopts TN - C - S electric control system .
2.adopt good grounding design, with electric protection measures such as short-circuit, overload, leakage.The design principle wire separately heavy current and weak current.
3.start, stop, control, and at the same time have current, voltage, running, stop instructions.
4.heat-resisting cable.


Ⅷ.Technology service

1.Provide design plan for hot galvanizing: technology diagram for hot galvanizing except workshop.

2.Provide material,equipment,electricity design,manufacturing, install and construction for the whole productionline. Work-shop and public equipments are excluded.

3.Providing debugging overall in productionline and people training.

Ⅲ. System layout
1. Layout description
1.1Considering rationality of each hot dip galvanizing tanks and loading&unloading workpiece,the whole productionline adopts 1 across,6.5m,factory layout.Loading*unloading in one across,raw material&finished products and across connection in one across,primary hot dip galvanizing equipments in one across.(details in CAD)
1.2 Manaully loading and unloading workpiece, other operation all run automaticlly.
1.3 All automatic equipments are set hand/automatic operation.
2. Plane layout diagram



Hot Dip Galvanizing Zinc Kettle Long Service Life 0

Ⅳ.Technological process
1.Hot dip galvanizing technological process

2. Fully automatic operation process action

2.1 operating manual crane to loading position,and manually hang in group, signal when completion;

2.2 pre-treatment full automatic roller galvanizing equipment lift workpiece into acid tank and fluxing tank successively, then put into unloading area;

2.3 workiece in unloading area enter into loading basket after be leaded into drying passage by auxiliary material, workpiece is lifted by unloading machine into zinc liquid;

2.4 immersing into zinc liquid through immersing zinc system, lifted by centrifuge and centrifuge after satisfy immersing time and then move to unloading area;

2.5 pour workpiece into blasting zinc, cooling and passivation;
2.6 finally pour into discharge conveyor belt, storage after testing.

Ⅴ.Production line basic equipment, performance and parameters

1)Automatic running transmission system

1. The equipment performance and component configuration

1.1 gantry type automatic travelling craneThe travelling crane is in the pretreatment seal room, travelling between both sides of tank.

Equipment parameters:

①main engine: L31m(two rails length)*W2.3(two rails center distance)*H4.5m(the surrounding auxiliary facilities)

②gantry type middle rail single pole pickling crane: 1set, level travelling V=6-15m/min(frequency control), lifting operation V=5-15m/min(frequency control), lifting height is 3200mm, lifting quality≤1000kg(contain pole, rack and piece weight)

③running pitch time:10min(above 10min can adjust)

④lifting height of material loading erector is 1m

1.2 auxiliary material trolley and drying gallery:




1.3 discharging conveyor




2) equipment, facility corrosion prevention.

1. tank anti-corrosion:
Tank structure: make concrete foundation on the ground and preset anchoring strengthen for external use.
Tank parameters:

Name Dim(L*W*Hmm) Qty Function
degreasing tank 1580*700*1000 6sets Remove oil and rust
acid tank 1580*700*1000 3sets Remove rust
Rinsing tank 1580*700*1000 4sets  
Flux tank 1580*700*1000 1set Active surface of workpiece



2. Weighing system:
Automatic control, the maximum is 100kg/basket, precision is ±2kg
3. The system of putting into pot
Whole equipment, record the into pot time, 1 basket/min(under immersing time allows premise)
4. Immersing system in the pot:
Transmission equipment, control immersing time according to production beat.
5. Out of pot centrifuge system
Whole equipment, automatic control, with auto centrifuge function
6. Galvanizing basket turnaround system:
Control turnaround of basket according to beat automatically
Above total power is 20KW
4) Post-treatment:
1. Blasting zinc system:
Loading and unloading material automatically, power is 2KW
2. Cooling system:
Loading and unloading material automatically, power is 2KW
3. Passivation system:
Loading and unloading material automatically, power is 2KW
4. Spin-drying system:
Loading and unloading material automatically, power is 5KW

Ⅵ.Environmental protection equipments(Zinc dust,waste water and waste acid)
1. Hydrochloric acid mist and exhaust gas treatment system
Hydrochloric acid mist i mainly from the acid washing tank and flux tank vapor, is mixture of acid mist and steam.
1.1Technology design


Acid mist absorption process flow diagram
1.2 device description:
1.2.1 acid fog sealed room:size is about 16500*2500*3000mm




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