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New Generation Dust Removal Equipment---WESP

April 12, 2022

Latest company news about New Generation Dust Removal Equipment---WESP

After 4 years of hot dip galvanized technical research, our new generation of dust removal equipment ----- wet electrostatic precipitator formally put into the market.

Wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP ) is a kind of dust removal device that uses electrostatic adsorption to capture solid particles in dust-containing gas and uses water spray to clean ash. It also has the function of zinc smoke and ammonia removal. It has high dust removal efficiency and dust removal. It has the advantages of wide capture range, small pressure loss, no moving parts, stable operation, safe and convenient operation, and no secondary dust. It is an indispensable dust removal equipment for modern industrial and mining enterprises.


Tens of thousands of volts DC high voltage is applied between the anode tube (dust collector) and the cathode line (discharge electrode), and the air is ionized to produce a large number of charged negative ions. The zinc smoke particles entering the wet electricity with the flue gas collide with the negative ions and move to the surface of the anodetube under the action of electric field force. After the charge is released, the zinc smoke particles are adsorbed by the anode tube.

Then wash the inner surface of the anode tube with waterspray to remove dust.

The working process of wet electrostatic precipitator is the process of alternating dust charging, adsorption and ash cleaning.
Under the action of the fan, the large particles of zinc smoke are removed throughthe pretreatment spray tower, and the zinc smoke is humidified. Then, through the electrostatic adsorption of the wet electrostatic precipitator, the dust is adsorbed on
the inner wall of the anode pipe, washed by the spray water into the water tank for sedimentation, and then pressed into mud cake by the filter press.

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