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Zinc Tanks Automatic Heating System , Durable Electric / Oil Heating System

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Zinc Tanks Automatic Heating System , Durable Electric / Oil Heating System
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Brand Name:: Xinlingyu
Type Of Reactor:: Jacket-reactor, Coil-reactor
Certification:: CE SGS ISO9001
Dimension(L*W*H):: Cutomized
Heating Method:: Electric/ Oil/ Steam Heating
Color:: Cutomized
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: xly
Certification: CE, ISO, SGS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export packing
Delivery Time: 90days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Product Description


Cutomized xly high thermal efficiency CE Zinc tank automatic heating system with 100% Handmade Tanks





1 100% full automatic operation

2 scientific design and technique support

3 PLC accuratye controlling system

4 stable and quiet working environment




We can provide you the following service:

1. Project design

2. Manufacturing

3. Installation and test

4. After-sale service





Main production galvanizing tank line:



1.Galvanizing tank

1.1 According to the geometry size and output demands of workpiece galvanized, the size of galvanizing kettle (length × width × depth × thickness × edge width), round bottom and round corner, determination of zinc capacity tonnage,Calculate total weight tonnage (with the reinforcing steel bar required of the zinc pot side), the material of it is XG-08. )


1.2 Fabrication standard:

①The material for bend and intension part should has no laceration mark, all the welding crack should be nature, flat and straight, mechanical force to correct it is not allowed.

② The welting crack layout and material joint should execute JB/ZQ4000.3-86 butt-joint and welding assess standard of Republic of China.

③ Welding crack testing execute JB4730-94 pressure vessel non-destructive standard of Republic of China.)


2. Galvanizing tank heating

2.1 Technical parameters of Galvanizing furnace

The system consists of heating furnace, burning system, control system and so on. Heating energy for Furnace heavy oil Or natural gas, automatic control of fuel flow, better control of the temperature in the furnace so that the temperature of zinc liquid more uniform stability.).

2.2 Demension

According to the geometry size and output demands of workpiece galvanized, the size of galvanizing kettle (length × width × depth × thickness × edge width),For example:Galvanizing tank 7000×1200×2200mm(L×W×D),Furnace body(rough):9000×3200×1800mm


2.3 Technical parameter

Zinc liquid working temperature (℃) 435-450 ±2;

Furnace (flue) temperature(℃) ≤650;

Furnace wall temperature (℃) ≤50;

Temperature fluctuation tolerance (℃):±2

Heating uniformity of furnace body (℃) :±2

Number of burners (unit) : 2units ,450KW/units,Consumption: 30 kg / hour


2.4 Others parameter

All the explosion-proof lamps lighting tunnel)


2.5 Technical performance)

For example:Galvanizing tank 7000×1200×2200mm(L×W×D)

9000×3200×1800mm(Furnace body(rough):9000×3200×1800mm

Production capacity: 20000 tons / year

Zinc capacity in the tank: 282 tons)

Working temperature of zinc liquid :435-450 ℃

Furnace (fire tunnel) temperature :580 - 620℃

Full power temperature rising speed: 60 ~ 200 ℃/h , can be adjusted automatically according to setting curve

Smoke way: using a smoke exhaust fan, according to furnace pressure, AC frequency control speed.


2.6  Main parts of the furnace

a.Steel structure for the furnace

Including furnace shell, fire resistant cotton module, fire blankets, and other materials

b. Furnace structure:)

The structure of the furnace side wall: the bottom of the furnace body and the inner cavity of the standard brick masonry, with 6mm thick steel plate welding furnace shell in structure, the cavity between the stove plate is filled glass fiber, the furnace shell is made of steel reinforcement. 


Furnace structure: set the high speed burner at both ends of the unilateral diagonal arrangement of galvanizing tank, smoke extraction method using the bottom of the central smoke.

The pressure relief device is designed for the smoke tunnel and the furnace wall, which can quickly relieve the pressure of the furnace. )

The galvanizing tank is supported by a steel structure pan to control the deformation .)

Set the zinc leakage alarm device, and the zinc leakage collection pit.)



3.Temperature control system

3.1The temperature of the furnace is measured by the thermocouple and the setting temperature of the PLC (or temperature control meter) is compared with the PID operation of the temperature control meter (or PLC), and the corresponding pulse signal is output to control the air valve of each burner.


4.Air route design system

The use of exhaust gas to heat the coming air, fuel costs can be reduced by 10%.



5.The automatic control system for galvanizing furnace

The basic automation system of the furnace includes two parts: instrument automation and electrical automation. It is composed of man-machine interface (HMI), PLC, field instrument, temperature controller, flow control valve and so on. The control system is divided into two modes: manual and automatic.




1.Q: We need plating machine for ×××, could you send me a quotation?
A: Because plating machine is always customized for different products, we’d like to send you quotation and make the design for you based on knowing detailed information from you first.


2.Q: What is the necessary information you need for design?
A: The plating prosess you have had, The capacity of your per products, The material, weight, size, and surface area of your per product, The thickness of plating layer, Your working hours per day, Type of salt spray test and time, Workshop dimension and so on


3.Q: What’s the lead time for one project?
A: It usually would take about 15-30days for production and the time is based on specific projects.


4.Q: How can I carry out my work if I plan to set up a new plating line?
A:It would be better if we could communicate with your chemical liquid supplier on the process details first. Besides, professional engineer is also important for your project.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging details: wooden package

Transport: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT,Air shipping, Boat shipping.

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